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The music of Ulrich Schultheiss has reached listeners all over the world since the 1980s. When composing Schultheiss enjoys working with the future interpreters of his music. Numerous organisers and institutions have commissioned him to write works for festivals and events, as well as for workshops. A number of CD, DVD, film and radio productions document his activities. Various videos, including concert recordings, are circulating on the Internet. Some of his compositions are part of the ABRSM Syllabus of the Royal Schools of Music and the Grade Exams of Trinity Guildhall College in the UK.

solo music

due pezzi for piano (1982) manuscript
Song from Paris for piano (1984)
Klavierstücke Teil I (1986/1987)
notturno for violin (1986/1990)
Etüde for hammered dulcimer (1989)
blue-S for violoncello (1991)
Klavierstücke Teil II (1992)
blue-S for violin (1993)
blue-S for viola (1994)
Verstrichen ein Hauch for organ (1994)
Etüde for marimbaphone (1994)
bone talk for trombone (1999)
tangominuten for guitar (2000)
ritorna la nebbia for piano (2001)
saxtitude for saxophone (2001)
game over for piano (2002)
no rest for soprano saxophone (2002)
basso for bass clarinet (2003)

Nachklang for piano (2005)
no rest for piano (2006)
souvenir for piano (2010)
la dorada for guitar (2010)
nuvole for guitar (2011)
bubbles for guitar (2012)
verweht for flute (2013)
verweht for soprano saxophone (2013/2018)
lost in variations for marimbaphone (2019)
Escapade for piano (2021)
Mosaik for piano (2021)
Mosaik for clarinet (2021)
Mosaik for violoncello (2021)
Mosaik for harp (2021) 
wind chimes for viola (2022)
birdsong for tenor recorder (2022)
drops in the wind for accordion (2022)
verweht for tenor or alto recorder (2013/2023)

chamber music​

Adagio for sting trio (1986/1987)
Streichquartett N°1 (1982) - manuscript
Streichquartett N°2 (1984)
Streichquartett N°3 (1996)
Streichquartett N°4 “Ritual 1” (2004)
blue strings for string quartet (1994/2008)
movimenti I...IV for piano quartet (1989/1990)
Vexiere for violin and piano (1990/1991)
Lieder ohne Worte for violin and piano (1982/1993) 
tangominuten for violin and guitar (1999/2002)
blue-S-for-3 for 3 violoncelli (1992)
deux par deux for violoncello and piano (1984)
3 Intermezzi for violoncello and piano (1987)
Coconut run for violoncello and piano (2006)
ritual a tre for 3 recorders (2005)
ping pong for 4 bass recorders (2008)
nuances for alto flute and guitar (1987)
tangominuten for flute and guitar (1999/2000)
ballo for oboe and guitar (1995/2008)
no rest for saxophone and guitar (2002/2006)
changes for bass clarinet and piano (2003)
no time to loose for bass clarinet and piano (2006)
catch me! for bass clarinet and tenor saxophone (2008)
Lost on Dec 26 for bass clarinet, v’cello and piano (2005)
Lost on Dec 26 for bass clar., bass trombone and piano (2006)
basso doble for 2 bass clarinets (2003)
ballo for soprano saxophone and marimba (1995/2006)
witch hunt for alto saxophone and piano (2001)
three funky pieces for saxophone and piano (2006)
chaconnita & fugato for soprillo saxophone and piano (2006)
rata'tui saxophone quartet N°1 (1997)
time out saxophone quartet N°2 (2001)
Aus meiner Rag-Tasche for 3 brass instruments (2001)
Gershwin for Brass for trombone choir (2008)
witch hunt for 12 saxophones opt. and percussion (2001)
witch hunt for saxophone quartet (2003) - arr. by Nigel Wood
Faust-Paraphrasen for 2 pianos (1987)

ECO for piano four-handed (2004) - manuscript
duell(tt) for marimba and piano (1998)
Splash! for 2 marimbas, vibraphone and percussion (2009)
dinner for two for guitar and marimba (2008)
Emphasen for clarinet or flute, violoncello and piano (1992)
slowburn for clarinet or flute, trombone, piano and drum set (1994)
five fo(u)r three for flute, violoncello and piano (2004)
El Sitio for guitar ensemble (2007)
Tan!Go for guitar orchestra (2009)
bossa news for saxophone, trombone, piano and bass (2010)
tango sulle corde for violin and guitar (2011)
ritornell for violin and guitar (2011)
mind the gap for violin and violoncello (2012/2013)
snapshots for violin, violoncello and marimba (2014)
suite pour deux for flute and violoncello (2014)
zick zack for tenor recorder and accordion (2014)
zick zack for clarinet and accordion (2014)
zick zack for soprano saxophone and accordion (2015)
paso doble for viola and accordion (2015)
colours of my past for chamber ensemble (2015)
zick zack for soprano saxophone and piano (2016)
taste of fado for violin, violoncello and piano (2016)
Spuren for chamber ensemble (2016)
upside down for saxophone, trombone, piano and bass (2016)
Karussell for clarinet/bass clar., accordion and bass (2017)
Rrrondo for accordion ensemble (2018)
Jeux de vent for wind ensemble (2018)
a tonal affair for soprano saxophone and violoncello (2019)
trouble in paradise for saxophone, bass clar. and piano (2019)
Dialogue for accordion and 6 violoncelli (2020)
double trouble for violoncello and piano (2020)
Countdown for violoncello and piano (2020)
zick zack for soprano saxophone, v'cello and accordion (2020)
trouble in paradise for flute, tuba (or euphonium) and piano (2022)
DayDream for violin and organ (2023)
pas de deux for 2 violoncelli (2023)
​blue lines​ for soprano saxophone and piano (2023)
​about infinity​ for bassoon and organ (2024)
​Chinwag​ for recorder(s) and double bass (2024)

orchestral music & concertos

fragment for orchestra (1983) - manuscript
Akrostichon for orchestra (1983)
blue strings (1994)
fra virgolette for orchestra (1984)
l´oggetto for orchestra (1985)
Down East for strings (1985)
Chatterbox for orchestra (1989/1990)
Vergossen und vergessen for orchestra (1991/1992)
Poème for strings (1994)
Schichten for orchestra (1995)
tangominuten for orchestra (1999/2000)
witch hunt for orchestra (2000)
don’t stop grooving for saxophone choir (2005)
don’t stop grooving for symphonic wind orchestra (2005/2012)
Les Métropolitains for symphonic wind orchestra (2006)
Metropolitans for saxophone choir (2007)
twelve for 12 violoncelli (2010)

Skip Jack for soprano saxophone, marimba and strings (1997/2010)
Capriccio for 2 violoncelli and strings (2010)
facetten for violin and orchestra (2014)
tangominuten for accordion and orchestra (1999/2017)
witch hunt for alto saxophone, wind quintet and string quintet (2022)

vocal music

Fünf Lieder based on poems by Hermann Hesse (1982)
Cantata for choir, organ and chamber orchestra (1984) - manuscript
Wie man revoluzzt und dabei doch Lampen putzt Songs & Chansons from the time of the Munich Bohemian era, featuring authors: Johannes R. Becher, Otto Julius Bierbaum, Karl Ettlinger, Stefan George, Leo Greiner, Hanns von Gumppenberg, Hermann Jaques, Heinrich Lautensack, Heinrich Moser, Erich Mühsam, Joachim Ringelnatz, Ludwig Scharf, Ludwig Thoma and Frank Wedekind (1990)
Carmina humana for choir and orchestra (1995)
tributes for choir a capella (2001)
Heine, Heine for voice and piano (2003)

stage music

Orwell (1984), directed by Reinhard Mahlberg
Kohout (1984), directed by Reinhard Mahlberg
Renè de Obaldia (1984), directed by Reinhard Mahlberg
Goethe (1985) “Die Gunst der Liebenden”, directed by Veit Relin
Shakespeare (1987), directed by Gerd Wameling
Jill & Jack scenes based on lyrics by R. D. Laing (1987)
Das Ding ballet project (1985)
Wie man revoluzzt und dabei doch Lampen putzt a cabaret program in collaboration with Bernhard Weck and Reinhard Mahlberg. Lieder, Songs & Chansons from the time of the Munich Bohemian era, featuring lyrics by Johannes R. Becher, Otto Julius Bierbaum, Karl Ettlinger, Stefan George, Leo Greiner, Hanns von Gumppenberg, Hermann Jaques, Heinrich Lautensack, Heinrich Moser, Erich Mühsam, Joachim Ringelnatz, Ludwig Scharf, Ludwig Thoma and Frank Wedekind (1990)
Draussen vor der Tür full-length ballet (1995/1996) rev. 2021

other works

Musik für eine Kirche electronic music and organ [syntett n°1] (1982)
moments digitales electronic music and piano [syntett n°2] (1983)
fiaba for Bernard and François Baschet's trombone de verre (glass trombone; Baschet Sound Sculptures) - produced by HR Broadcasting 1985


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Download & Print

At Are Verlag most works have been available as downloads or print editions since 2021. This includes compositions published by Polymnia Press publishing.

Download & Print

Saxtet Publications publishes among others 'witch hunt', 'no rest' or 'three funky pieces' and other works for sax. In Germany these works are also available from Zerluth Sheet Music.


​Most of the works for saxophone are available as prints from June Emerson. These include 'witch hunt' and 'Three funky pieces'.


Verlag Neue Musik: 'bone talk' in the collection 'Neue Töne' - Music for Trombone.


crescendo brass: compositions for brass instruments in various instrumentations as well as chamber music.


Gérard Billaudot (Paris): deux par deux (Collection Panorama): This composition belongs to the ABRSM esam pieces (ABRSM Sylabus)


Etüde für Hackbrett (hammered dulcimer): belongs to Part 2 of the 'Gradus ad Parnassum' by Karl-Heinz Schickhaus

CD Recordings

tangominuten for flute and guitar 
performed by Duo Arrabal - Thomas Richter and Karin Scholz [Ambitus Musikproduktion

timeout for saxophone quartet 
performed by Paragon Sax Quartet [Saxtet Publications, UK] 

twelve for 12 violoncelli 
performed by the Cello Ensemble of the University of Music Münster

witch hunt for saxophone ensemble 
performed by Tribune Saxophone Octet [Prologue Records, UK] 

witch hunt for saxophone and piano 
performed by Peter Nichols and Margaret Ozanne [ABRSM Publishing, UK] 

witch hunt for saxophone and piano - ABRSM Publishing [2014 ...] (UK) 

witch hunt for saxophone quartet 
performed by Spiral Saxophone Quartet London (UK) 

witch hunt für 12 saxophones 
performed by Yorkshire Saxophone Choir (UK) 

mind the gap for violine and violoncello 
performed by Duo Rossel from the album “two moments in a city” [Klassik Radio

bubbles for guitar 
performed by Stefan Barcsay from the album ‘children’s corner’ [raccanto

no rest for saxophone and guitar 
performed by Gerard McChrystal and Craig Ogden [Meridian Records, UK] 

nuances for flute and guitar 
performed by Elisabeth Riessbeck and Klaus Jäckle [NCA Hamburg

chacconnita & fugato for soprillo saxophone and piano 
performed by Nigel Wood and Jonathan Taylor [Saxtet Publications, UK] 

deux par deux for violoncello and piano 
performed by Alexander Baillie and James Lisney [ABRSM Publishing

Les Métropolitains for symphonic wind orchestra 
performed by Birmingham Symphonic Winds (UK) 

zick zack a 3 for clarinet, accordion and bass 
performed by Ensemble Fire, Rain & Espresso [augemus musikverlag]

Lost on Dec 26 for bass clarinet, bass trombone and piano 
performed by Henri Bok, Ben van Dijk and Rainer Klaas. 
DVD recording of the two day festival celebrating Henri Bok's Silver Jubilee as a bass clarinet activist (November 28 & 29,  2006 in Lantaren/Venster Theatre, Rotterdam). 
DVD | | YouTube Video 

The LWL Media Center released the DVD of the musical film comedy “Die Kaffeekantate” (2012) by Julian Isfort freely adapted from Johann Sebastian Bach in 2014. Ulrich Schultheiss wrote the arrangements and had the musical direction during the film production. 
Link to the Trailer

Lost in variations for marimbaphone
performed by Lila Zizhu Wang on the CD QUERBEETHOVEN (2020) - Productions from the series of WDR3 Campus Concerts with students of the University of Music Münster

Nachklang zu Robert Schumann "Des Abends" for piano
performed by Fabienne Mittaz on the CD "NATURE": Patricia Pagny and her Piano Class at Bern University of Arts (2022) Tasti'era Projects

ritorna la nebbia for piano
performed by Paola Lepori on the CD "NATURE": Patricia Pagny and her Piano Class at Bern University of Arts (2022) Tasti'era Projects 

Nachklang zu Robert Schumann "Des Abends" for piano
performed by Fabienne Mittaz on her solo album "SOUVENIRS D'ENFANCE": Tasti'era Projects (2022)

Faust-Paraphrasen for two pianos
performed by Jay Jung-Hoon Wang and Rainer Klaas on the album "RAPHAEL, SCHULTHEISS, ZABEL - ZWEI KLAVIERE" (2023)

Windspel for viola, ​performed by Esra Pehlivanli - Birdsong for tenor recorder, ​performed by Jorge Isaac - Drops in the wind for accordion, ​performed by Marko Kassl
CD SCHOKLAND, Ensembles Black Pencil, [Dreyer Gaido] (2023)

wanted​ for sax & jazz combo
performed by Patricia Marchiș on the debut album 'METAMORPHOSIS' by Marquis Noir.
Playtime CDj (2023)

2000 - 2020 
20 years of 'witch hunt in concert'

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