Looking back to 2020

​Jan 23, LOST IN VARIATIONS, University of Music Muenster (D), Lila Zizhu Wang (mar), BETHVN2020
Jan 26, STEAMBOAT RAG, Biberach (D), Josephine Deyhle, Tim Andreas Mack, Emil Eduard Sporrer (trp)
Jan 28, SONG FROM PARIS, University of Music Muenster (D), Fatjona Maliqi (pf)
Jan 29, LOST IN VARIATIONS, University of Music Muenster (D), Lila Zizhu Wang (mar), BETHVN2020
Jan 29, FAUST-PARAPHRASEN, BR2Radio (D), Concerto bavarese, Thomas Hitzlberger & Georg Schütz (pf)
Feb 2, TROUBLE IN PARADISE (PREMIERE), Pfaffenhofen (D), Adolphe Sax Trio
Feb 3. Muenster University (D), Ulrich Schultheiss guest at the seminar 'time in music | music in time'
Feb 6, KARUSSELL, Hoesel (D), Ensemble Fire, Rain & Espresso featuring Marko Kassl (acc), Robert Beck (clar./bcl.) & Nils Imhorst (cb)
Mar 6, DOWN EAST, BR2Radio (D), Nuremberg Symphonic Orchestra, dir. Klauspeter Seibel
Jun 7*, JEUX DE VENT, Einen (D), 'ventissimo' windorchestra, dir. Taulant Haxhikadrija
Jun 28*, JEUX DE VENT, Muenster (D), 'ventissimo' windorchestra, dir. Taulant Haxhikadrija
Jul 14*, DOUBLE TROUBLE (PREMIERE), Muenster (D), Matias de Oliveira Pinto (vc) & Risa Adachi (pf)
Aug 7, VEXIERE, BR2Radio (D), Concerto bavarese, Kolja Lessing (viol) & Johannes Moeller (pf)
Aug 16, BLUE-S, Chiesa S. Gottardi Asolo (I), Centorizzonti 2020 Estate, Claudio Pasceri (vc)
Sep 5*, DIALOGUE (PREMIERE), "Giornate Musicali di Cantalupa" (I), Ezio Ghibaudo (acc) & cello ensemble Claudio Pasceri
Sep 6, BLUE-S, Palazzo del Municipio, Bagnolo Piemonte (I), Claudio Pasceri (vc)
Sep 11, KARUSSELL , Moenchengladbach (D), "9 / 11 in the bunker", Ensemble Fire, Rain & Espresso
Oct 2, RITUAL 1, BR2Radio (D), Concerto bavarese, Novalis Quartet Munich
Oct 11, COUNTDOWN, Recklinghausen (D), RUHR::2020 (Statt)Beethoven, Paul Boehme (vc) & Rainer Klaas (pf)
Oct 17, WITCH HUNT, Biberach (D), Christian Segmehl (sax) & Paul Rivinius (pf)
Oct 18, WITCH HUNT, Biberach (D), Christian Segmehl (sax) & Paul Rivinius (pf)
Nov 6*, DEUX PAR DEUX, CelloHerbst Froendenberg (D), Anna Mikulska (vc) & Philippe Argenty (pf)
Nov 11, MOVIMENTI I...IV, BR2Radio (D), Concerto bavarese, Henschel-Quartett Munich
Dec 4, WITCH HUNT, Wangen city hall (D), video stream „How are you?“, Christian Segmehl (sax) & Paul Rivinius (pf)
Dec 22, NO TIME TO LOOSE, Bern (CH), live stream "bassics", Bernhard Roethlisberger (bcl) & Sonja Lohmiller (pf)

* canceled / postponed due to Covid-19 

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​Lost in variations on CD - Lila Zizhu Wang plays Lost in variations, commissioned by WDR on the CD QUERBEETHOVEN (2020) featuring productions from WDR3 campus concerts with students from the Muenster University of Music.

'witch hunt' at Royal Albert Hall London - 'SaxPac', the young saxophone sextet from Liverpool performed witch hunt in the MFY PROMS 2019 concert in the Royal Albert Hall presented by YolanDa Brown, the UK’s premier female saxophonist. Watch the YouTube Video of the live performance.

Database Contemporary Music blue stringsEl Sitio (for guitar ensemble), nuvole (for guitar) and twelve for 12 violoncelli have been added to the contemporary music database of Trossingen Federal Academy. Further informations are available on the website of the Federal Academy.

'witch hunt' 2000 - 2020 - 20 years of 'witch hunt in concert'.
Infos, music and videos on a separate WebSite including the anniversary video with more than 40 international saxophonists!