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UUlrich Schultheiss has been working as a composer and arranger in contemporary and functional music since the 1980s. His musical language is often infused with elements of other genres, cultures or art forms. Most of his works were performed in Europe, in States of the former Soviet Union, in North and South America, the Middle and far East. There are numerous radio broadcasts and CD recordings in Germany and abroad. In addition to his artistic activities, he works as a professor at the University of Mnster in Germany. His catalogue of works includes music for voice, solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra and compositions and arrangements for film, cabaret, theatre and performance.


“What a cool piece! It gripped me as soon as I heard it and I have even asked the composer to arrange it for sax/piano. It is fun, catchy and unpretentious - just as music in this genre should be.”

Gerard McChrystals review at SibeliusMusic.com



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EinKlang-Philharmonie, directed by Joachim Harder will perform a new version of Tangominuten for orchestra in April 2018. The accordion soloist is Julius Schepansky.

witch hunt for saxophone and piano was  performed during the 2017 Senior Awards Ceremony at Queen Elizabeth's School in Barnet (UK).

Ulrich Schultheiss composed the music for a new film project by Peter Csaba: ‘Menschen begegnen’. The film was premiered at Cinema in Muenster (D).

Music is published by Polymnia Press. Scores and parts can be ordered at the webshop. There you will find even more informations and sample pages. Approval shipments are possible.
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.February 2017

The Audioplayer provides recordings and audio implementation to listen to. YouTube shows numerous music videos, including the award-winning composition witch hunt in various arrangements.

Akkordeonherbst100New CD of Ensemble Fire, Rain & Espresso. [Video] featuring zick zack a 3 for clarinet, accordion and bass

a short sample from ‘colours of past’


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a short sample from ‘violin concerto’

Down East for string orchestra
January 26, 2018  |  broadcasted by BR2Radio (D)
performed by Nuremberg Symphonic Orchestra

Coconut run for violoncello and piano
Nov 12, 2017  |  Recklinghausen (D)
performed by Jol Wpke and Jay Jung-Hoon Wang

Pome for string orchestra
Oct 18, 2017  |  BR2Radio (D)
performed by chamber orchestra Conrad von der Goltz

witch hunt for saxophone and piano
Sept 24, 2017  |  Leutkirch (D)
performed by Christian Segmehl and Ludwig Kibler

witch hunt for saxophone quartet
Sept 10, 2017  |  Herne Hill Music Festival, London (UK)
performed by Bromley Youth Music Trust Saxophone Quartet

zick zack for soprano saxophone and accordion
June 2017 | Conservatorio G. P. da Palestrina di Cagliari (I)
performed by Andrea Mocci and Ezio Ghibaudo

Riverside Rag for 3 french horns
June 30, 2017  |  Herrenberg (D)
performed by Antje Beyer, Jonas Balzer and Max Moder

zick zack for clarinet, accordion and bass
May 22, 2017  |  Kunsthaus Essen (D)
performed by Fire, Rain & Espresso
Robert Beck, Marko Kassl and Nils Imhorst

zick zack for soprano saxophone and accordion
April 30, 2017  |  Wangen (D)
performed by Alexej Khrushchov and Vladimir Bussovikov

Down East for string orchestra
April 26, 2017  |  broadcasted by BR2Radio (D)
performed by Nuremberg Symphonic Orchestra

Duell(tt) for marimba and piano
April 25, 2017  |  Namedy Castle (D)
performed by Michael Zeller and Ingrid Wendel

Duell(tt) for marimba and piano
April 20, 2017  |  Balmoral Castle (D)
performed by Michael Zeller and Ingrid Wendel

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“All I can say is to expect more good works of art from Mr. Schultheiss.”

Nathan Lewis review Scorchmusic.com


“The funky, witty, teasing mood of the Schultheiss was pitched to  perfection by Ogden and McChrystal. Suffice it to say that I joined the  queue for PluckBlow's CD ... straight after the concert!”

in Musical Opinion Ltd., Cardiff by Rian Evans


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